Ablaze by Alanna Renee Swatch

Alanna Renee is a new Australian Big 3 free indie polish brand that started in January by the author of Pretty Purple Polish. I have always been a fan of her blog and needless to say excited to try out a few her creations.

Today I have a super stunning polish to showcase to you, Ablaze. It is a mixture of red, orange and yellow shards glitters and red, orange, yellow and black hex glitters in an orange fiery hot jelly base. Sometimes with jelly base it may be a little tricky to apply and with all that glitters going on I thought it will add on to the difficulty but I was wrong. This is as smooth as it can gets and I only used two coats for opacity and one coat of topcoat.  This looks very fiery on the nails and will definitely compliment all skin tones. Somehow it reminds me of chilli oil.


I cannot believe how stunning this is and this will definitely be one of my favourite glitters polish of the year! I say well done Alanna for hitting it out of the park with this one! I will show you more of Alanna Renee’s polishes in time to come so stay tune.

You can buy Alanna Renee’s polishes from Alanna Renee website or from Shoppe Eclecticco.



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