I Am The Walrus By Enchanted Polish

Now it is no secret that Enchanted Polish is one of my top favourite indie nail polish maker. There are a lot of indie polish maker out there and some of them are known for their glitter polish, crème, duochrome, multichrome or holographic polishes. But for Enchanted Polish they are well known for their duo/multichrome and holographic polishes. No one else in my opinion makes it better than EP.

Today I want to present to you a polish that is not only multichrome but holographic as well! The ultimate combo imho. I Am The Walrus by Enchanted Polish is an oldie and though I am late to the party, it is not stopping me from sharing this stunning colour with you.

I Am The Walrus is a gorgeous multichrome with linear holo. It flashes burgundy, gold, brown and green at different angles. Application was a dream, no issue to report at all. You can definitely use this alone without a base but I prefer to layer one coat over two coat of Opi Suzi Loves Cowboys. I am going to spam you multiple photos to show you how gorgeous this is. iamthewalrusIamthewalrus4iamthewalrus1iamthewalrus2iamthewalrus3iamthewalrus5iamthewalrus6iamthewalrus7

I love love love this a lot. I have tried a few multichrome polishes before from different brands but a lot left brush strokes and application issues. I Am The Walrus is just a breeze to apply and best of all brush strokes free! Unfortunately I think this is not in production anymore. 😦 I hope someday EP will make this again.



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