After School Special By Gloss n Sparkle Swatch

Today I am just going to do a quick post. Gloss n Sparkle is another popular Australian brand of indie polish created by Angela Clark and it is free of toulene, formaldehyde and DBP. I am going to show you After School Special which is a vampy purple jelly base with orange and purple hex glitters andΒ iridescent glitters. This was opaque in two coats and painted on without any issue. But I have to highlight that it did stain a little so it is good to load up on the base coat.afterschoolspecialafterschoolspecial1afterschoolspecial2

I have always been a fan of dark vampy colour so it is no surprise that I like this. And I am glad that the dark base did not buried the orange and purple glitters at all. You can purchase this at Gloss n Sparkle Etsy but they ship to Australia only, or Shoppe Eclecticco who ships internationally!



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