Falling Skies By Emily de Molly Swatch

It’s friday and weekend is nearing which I cannot be any happier after a really stress week at work. How I wished that I can have four days of work week and three days of weekend. I can only dream.

Weekends are the only time when I can swatch my collection of nail polishes. I usually swatch and take pictures during weekend nights. I tried to take the pictures during the day time but sometimes it can be hard to catch the sunlight. So all of our pictures are shot in a light box with a white light lamp unless stated otherwise.

Today I have Falling Skies by Emily de Molly to show you. It is made up of blue, teal, purple, silver hex glitters in different sizes and silver moon and stars glitters in a clear base. I appreciate that the base is not too thick or thin. The glitters spread easily on the nails, even the moon and stars glitters were not a chore to get out. It has so much depth and super sparkly especially in the sun. This was one coat on top of two coat of OPI I Saw…U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw and topcoat.


Overall this is a great polish to own especially if you like stars and moon glitters like I do very much. I couldn’t stop staring at this when I was wearing it. I have only started lately to try some popular Australian brand of indie polishes, I must say they are just as awesome in many ways as many of the US brand of indie polishes! I bought this at Shoppe EclecticcoΒ which is a Singapore base retailer and they ship internationally.



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