Zoya Lovely Collection Swatch

About a week plus ago when I saw that our Instagram followers have “exploded” to 100 followers I was really thrilled and happy. I know it’s a tiny number of followers compare to many great instagramers’ gazillion followers. But I called that our tiny milestones. We didn’t know what to expect and so this little milestones mean a lot to us. It is very encouraging to know that some people actually like us enough to follow us on our blog, instagram and FB. We are very grateful and thank you! So we will try our best to bring you more swatches whenever we can.

Today I have some Zoya Love Collection swatch to show you. As all of our nail polishes are purchased by us, unless stated otherwise, we only wanted to buy those that caught our eyes. Hence I didn’t buy the whole collection of Zoya Lovely Collection. Zoya is one of my favourite brand of nail polishes. I love their colours and they have one of the most consistence high quality formula. They usually glide on like a dream. I just wished that someday they will ship to Singapore.

Neely is a light mint green creme shade. Formula is great, glides on smoothly and even without topcoat it is very glossy! A must have colour for spring! This was two coats and one coat of topcoat.neelyneely1neely2

Blu is a baby blue creme shade. This is what I call a perfect baby blue! A very dense and crisp looking colour. Again, the formula is perfect. Most of the time with pastel creme you probably need three to four coats to even out the patchiness but this and even Neely only needed two coats.  This is going to be my favourite baby blue creme of all time from now on! Love!

Jacqueline is a nude pale beige creme. Again this is very dense looking. A great alternative to the other usual nude beige that may pulled a little dead on the nails. The first coat went on a little patchy and streaky but still very easy to work with and I only needed two coats for opacity.

Julie is a pale lilac shimmer with a blue undertone. I had a little application issue. It was a little thick and I needed three coats to even it out.

Piaf is a golden yellow shimmer. A really nice colour and unique in my collection too. I am sure this will look very pretty in direct sun light. Formula is surprisingly good for being a yellow. No application issue. This was two coats plus one coat of topcoat.

I love this collection! Great pastel colours for spring. Though this collection may not be totally unique and may be easily dupeable, I still love how dense and crisp looking these are. I have seen many brands put out pastel collection in the past and most of them had issue with applications but the formula in these are just perfect. Even the one that I had issue with wasn’t that of a big deal. My favourite of the bunch is Blu, such a perfect baby blue, very sweet looking.

Btw if you think we are alright, please check us out at facebook page or at our instagram page @thenailsquad. 🙂



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