Daring Digits Speicher Swatch

Ok people hold on to your seat as I am going to show you a super gorgeous colour by Daring Digits named Speicher, another exclusive to Mei Mei Signatures . Mei Mei Signatures actually kept me in suspense for a little bit as to what shade she wanted me to showcase for her in our blog and I thought it was probably going to be one of her favourite pink colour again but she surprised me with a gold one. An awesome gold topper to be exact. If you are wondering about the name, Mei Mei Signatures told me that it is a german word and it actually means gold. How appropriate!

Speicher is a clear base topper densely packed with gold and silver different size shards and flakes with blue/teal duochrome micro shimmers. And the shards and flakes are holo! I see more gold than silver shards and flakes in there. It is so pretty and super complex! Applications were a breeze, not too thin or thick and it was not gritty like glitters topper. All I needed was one coat to make my nails super sparking! In order to bring out the complexity of Speicher I feel that it glows best on dark cololurs. So I am showing it to you in black and a dark blue creme.

This is one coat of Speicher on top of two coats of black base Misa I Will Survive with 1 coat of topcoat. I feel that on black the holo and the micro shimmers effect was the most strong that it didn’t seem very gold on the picture. Pretty on pictures, way prettier in real life.

This is one coat of Speicher on top of two coats of dark blue creme OPI..Eurso Euro with one coat of topcoat. Somehow my dark blue creme base turned lighter than it should be on photos. As you can see from the photos the gold contrast was stronger. Again pretty in pictures, way prettier in real life.

I didn’t have anything like this in my collection. It is so complex that it took me a while to get the description down. This is so pretty that I think anyone that loves gold, holo and duochrome should get this and see for themselves as this is many times prettier than the usual gold glitters topper. I am so honoured that Mei Mei Signatures had gifted me to review this for her. By far this is my favourite exclusive shade for Mei Mei Signatures. I say well done Daring Digits and Mei Mei Signatures for the collaboration. So head over to Mei Mei Signatures to grab a bottle now! Ok I “need” a tranquilizer! LOL.



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