China Glaze Texture Swatch

In the past we have seen brands came up with new ideas and innovations on nail polish instead of the same old finishes, sometimes they worked, sometimes they were innovative but a hassle to paint. To name a few there were crackle, magnetic, caviar and flocking. The latest innovation is the texture trend and by far this is my favourite. The rough texture look kinda interesting on nails and depending on the colours and formula it sometimes can have a leather like finish too. Today I have 2 of the China Glaze Texture to show you, Bump & Grind and In The Rough. Both of these pictures were 2 coats. No topcoat should be added to texture polish else it will lose the appeal. And I chose not to wrap my nails as well to avoid scratching myself with the rough edges. I had scratched my face before and it wasn’t pretty. LOL.

In The RoughΒ is a neon lime green colour. I had some application issues with this, the formula was rather thick and dry time was very slow. And point to note is that it is better to let the first coat to completely dry before coating the second so as to achieve the best result. Thin coat recommended too. Love this colour but I dislike the formula.intheroughintherough1intherough2

Bump & GrindΒ is a hot pink colour. The formula on this was thinner than In The Rough but still thin coats are recommended. The dry time was slow too. Bump & Grind does dry a little glossier than In The Rough, kinda like leather like.bumpngrindbumpngrind2bumpngrind1

Overall I am not too crazy with the formula but luckily the colours are great. I just wished that the formula could be thinner. Have you tried them? If yes, what’s your take on these?



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