Jindie Nails Barbie Is Dreaming

A couple of weeks ago when Mei Mei Signatures asked if I like to review a new Jindie Nails exclusive shade for her store I gladly accepted. I present to you today Barbie Is Dreaming by Jindie Nails. It is a pale pink crelly with neon pink, neon green and white hex glitters, pink and gold round glitters and best of all it also contains white and purple stars. Lately I find myself liking a lot of round and stars glitters. As this was sent to me for review so it is a sample bottle with tiny brush therefore that’s the reason why I find myself having to do a bit of fishing and placement for the bigger glitters. But I am sure you do not need to fish and place the glitters with the bigger bottles. I used 3 coats and 1 thick coat of topcoat.


Overall I love this new exclusive shade. It is such a fun looking colour and the name is cute. Barbie Is Dreaming can only be purchase at Mei Mei Signatures and no where else! She ships worldwide.



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