Pretty Serious Swatch Part 3

Today I have the last part of the Pretty Serious swatch to show you. This collection of trio is called They Came From Beyond Space. The finishes of these are a little foil/glass fleck like with multichrome colour shifting. The swatches shown here are all 2 coats and no topcoat added. They are all very pretty but a little tough to photograph.

Atomic Brain. This is most interesting and a little complicated colour shifting among the trio. When you look at this straight on it is showing warm purple, but when you tilt it at different angle you can see yellow, green and I think I see a little pink too. See, a little complicated isn’t it? And this was the hardest to photograph. No issue with application.atomicbrainatomicbrain1

Phantom Planet. This one flashes light green, dark green, turquoise and gold. This is right up my alley as I love all sorts of green polishes. So this is definitely a favourite for me though it doesn’t have the more complex colour shifting like Atomic Brain. Great formular too.

Galaxy Invader. This is a gorgeous turquoise that flashes blue, purple and teal. My other favourite of the trio. No issue with applications too.


So this is last part of the swatch from my very first big haul of Pretty Serious. So far they have not disappoint and I am looking forward for more new creations. You can buy these at Mei Mei Signatures or at Pretty Serious Cosmetics. Hope you have enjoyed the swatches too. Do give us any comments if you have any.



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