Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk Collection Swatch

Today I have for you Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk collection to show you. This collection totally screams Valentine’s Day. This collection contains 5 colours with 2 of them being limited edition. I have always been a fan of Rainbow Honey’s nail polishes as I think they have been putting out great unique combination colours and their packaging is top notch but I personally feel that some of the formula need to be improved.

Be Mine. This is a very sweet pink with slight hint of gold shimmers which are not very visible. The formula is a crelly and I am not totally crazy about it. It is kinda thick and uneven, so I would recommend to thin it out with thinner. And probably better to do thin coats. The photos are two coats with a coat of topcoat. But still a very pretty colour. beminebemine1

Xoxo is a glitter topper in a goldish holo base with bright pink and red hexagon glitters. I wasn’t expecting to love this so much. The combination of the holo glitters with red and pink hexagon glitters really work so perfectly together, the look is totally very romantic. And I am sure this will look great on any base! This is one coat of Xoxo on top of 2 coats of Be Mine sealed in with a coat of topcoat. Formula is excellent too. Superb! xoxoxoxo1

Sweet Talk. This is a mixes of light green, pink and purple matte glitters in a white base. I painted 2 coats of sweet talk with a coat of Posche fast dry topcoat for the pictures but I think it will be better to use 3 thin coats. Formula was good. sweettalksweettalk1

My Love is one of the two limited edition colours from the Sweet Talk collection. I won both of these from Mei Mei Signatures! I never won anything pretty much in my life so I was so happy when I won it! When I saw the promo pictures I was drooling over Dearly Beloved than My Love. But I ended up loving My Love a lot more than Dearly Beloved (that’s quite a mouthful, lol). My Love is a topper packed with super sparkling holo and white and pink heart glitters! I used one coat of My Love on top of two coats of Be Mine. The formula is great and no issue getting the heart glitters out. You cannot imagine how sparkling this is and it is way more gorgeous in real life, I couldn’t stop staring at it and couldn’t bear to remove it.

Dearly Beloved. This is the other limited edition colour of the two. It is packed wiith gorgeous gold glitter with red square and heart glitters in a clear base. The combo is simply beautiful but I wished that there can be more red square glitters. No fishing needed for the hearts and they laid flat on the nails. Formula is good. dearlybeloveddearlybeloved1

Overall I love this collection and super happy that the limited edition colours are going in to my stash. My absolute favourites of the bunch are My Love and Xoxo. You can buy these except the limited edition colours from Mei Mei Signatures or at Rainbow Honey What do you think of them? Please feel free to comment if you have any. 🙂



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