NerdLacquer Hyperspace Bypass Swatch

If you have been riding on the indie polish trend you should know that Nerdlacquer is the pioneer of the indie polish community. The creator, Amanda, unique mixes of colours and glitters sets such a high bar that imoho nobody has top that. Sadly about a year plus or so NerdLacquer disappeared in to thin air and nobody knows what happened. Amanda even took down her Etsy page. About two months ago Amanda suddenly appeared and explained in Google+ that she lost her mum to illness and was dealing with a lot of pain hence she disappeared in theΒ blogosphere.

Luckily for me when the indie trend was taking off I managed to snag some Nerdlacquer from a Singapore online retailer. I basically wiped out every colours she has on her website! Haha. I guess there was not so many indie polish fanatics in Singapore back then else I will never be able to grab any of that. So, I am going to show you one of her highly sought after colour,Β Hyperspace Bypass. It is packed full of golden, pink, black and holographic glitters in a yellow base. This colour may not be anyone’s cup of tea and some of you may even think it’s ugly. But to me this is one of those beautiful ugly colour! I am one of those that love weird and unique colour. Formula is great and I am quite surprise that I only needed two coats and a coat of topcoat. Hyperspace BypassHyperspace Bypass2Hyperspace Bypass1

So what do you think of this? Isn’t this beautiful? Or is it ugly to you? Haha.

I will post more of my Nerdlacquer treasures next time. Meantime I wish Amanda all the best and hope she picks herself up again. And hopefully (cross my fingers) she will come back and create amazing indie polish again.



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