Different Dimension 80’s collection swatch

Today I have for you 5 of the Different Dimension 80’s collection swatches. I have noticed Different Dimension polishes for a while but I have never gotten down to buy any until lately and I am so glad I did. The only colour that I didn’t get was Gnarly. These are scattered holos and the best part is they are super colourful and fun! Great for spring! Formula wise they are top notch, glide on like a dream. These swatches are 2 coats each with no top coat.

Different dimensionedited

Tubular. This is a burnt orange holo, not too neon and bright but I like it still.tubularedited DSC01231edited

Totally. This is a yellow green neon, very cheerful colour and I love this colour against my skin tone. I had slight bubbling issue but I think I’m to blame for that as I didn’t let it dry enough on the first coat before putting on the second coat.DSC01249edited


Ditz. Super bubble gum hot pink! This is slightly thicker than the rest but still glide on easily.Ditz


Homeboy. This blue holo is just awesome and I cannot imagine anyone not liking this at all. homeboy


Whatever. I save the best for last! This vibrant purple is my favourite of the collection. The holos show up the most on this one and on top of that the formula is perfect! Love love love! My camera hates purple without flash, it will just appear more blue than purple. And sorry, I am totally new to this, so I have yet to learn how to capture the right shade of purple. In order to show you the right shade of purple I had to use flash in Whatever. With the flash it also kind of shows more of the holos. whateveredited


If I have to choose a favourite it has to be Whatever and Totally, wait that’s two favourites. Whatever it is, they totally rocks! 😉 If you do not have these in your collection yet, quickly turn on your computer and get them! I bought these awesome babies from Mei Mei Signatures or you can buy from Different Dimension Etsy . P.S THEY ARE LIMITED EDITION!!



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