Enchanted Polish Once Upon A Time

Howdy everyone and Happy 2013! First off we like to apologize for missing in action for a while. With the festive holidays one after another we have been kinda having a lot of fun and tiring ourselves out at the same time. But we hope that everyone had a lot of fun just like we did and hope everyone will have a great 2013!

I like to kick off the new year with a fantastic indie polish colour from Enchanted Polish Once Upon A Time. I so adore Enchanted Polish and I have a lot of their colours in my stash, untried! They have so many lovely creations and definitely one of the most sough after indie polish brands around. They are easily one of my favourite indie brand by far. So I will try my best to swatch them as much as I can. So here goes….Β Image

Once Upon A Time is bluish grey base packed with many different colours of holographic glitters which is beautiful under any sort of lightings! It is a little sheer but buildable opacity in 3 coats. Shown here is 3 coats with topcoat but I actually thought I should have gone 4 coats. This is definitely a keeper! What do you think of it?



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