Christmas present

Happy boxing day! But here in Singapore we don’t get a holiday for Boxing Day so I’m back to work (yawn). I think I am getting the post-holiday-blues and I have a (lame) remedy for it that is to have another holiday! πŸ˜›Β In order to stay awake in the office I decided to do a quick post!Β 

One of the Christmas present that I got was from a close colleague of mine, look what she has gotten me?!! It’s nail polishes from Whimsical Of Pam!! When I opened the present in the middle of ungodly hour I “died” for a second and ran to the bathroom where my bf was and did a happy dance. My bf exclaimed “more nail polishes?” What do men know? Haha. Whimsical Ideas Of Pam nail polishes have been on my wish list for the longest time but she does not ship to Singapore, only to US and Canada I think. Somehow my dear colleague managed to find a way to get them over to Singapore. Thank you WL!

I will swatch these babies soon!



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