Christmas mani

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone of you had a joyous time and get the Christmas presents that you wished for. Christmas has always been my favourite holiday of the year. Each year it is a tradition that me and my family gather at cousin’s house on the eve to eat, drink and collect lotsa presents!

Anyhow for my Christmas mani I painted Lush Lacquer’s Tree-mendous over Opi’s Jade Is The New Black. Tree-mendous has at least 6 different colour glitters and best of all it has stars! I managed to get a star on each nail.Β My nails literally look like a Christmas tree with colourful ornaments on it. Very festive! Love!


You can buy Lush Lacquer polishes at Mei Mei Signatures or Lush Lacquer Etsy

I am off to a homely Christmas dinner with my boyfriend’s family now, so later folks!

Merry Christmas once again!



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