Ugly Sweater x Santa Nails

Christmas is just slightly over a week away! Whoopee! It’s our favourite holiday EVER and I betcha many would feel the same.

I’ve considered many designs I would like to have done, and one of the many popular themes for this year’s Christmas is the Ugly Sweater, so duh, here we go! Sadly, my camera’s battery went flat on me just as I am about to post this photo, so I’m posting up a photo from my iPhone. 😦 Oh oh oh, and speaking of which, please follow us on Instagram at @thenailsquad !! Loveee!

This was used with Essence’s nailpolish in Red, for the white it was drawn with acrylic paint, OPI’s Polar Bare for Santa’s Face and really, just a generic black for the tiny tiny eyes.

There’s like a wound or something, on the left cuticles of my Santa’s nail, sorry about that, I don’t even know how I got it! Always sucha blur one…


I would definitely have preferred to use the camera for this, so it has a sharper resolution.

Hope you enjoyed the design nonetheless, and Happy Holidays to you!! ❀



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