Lush Lacquer Santa Baby swatch

The second post of our blog (my first post) took me a little longer as we were busying getting the light box set up and getting use to the new camera. The lights that I got seems a little yellow for my picture but we are new to blogging and we still have a lot to learn.

Anyway without further ranting, here is the swatch of Lush Lacquer’s Santa Baby from their holiday collection. I decided to layer one coat of Santa Baby on top of two coats of China glaze’s Dance Baby. There are white, red and black matte hexagon glitters and some square white and red matte glitters in Santa Baby. I think there are tiny round glitters too. Funny thing was my left and right pinkie have half hexagon each! I guess they broke and found each other. Haha! The black hexagon glitters may need some fishing though. Otherwise this went on smooth, not too thick or thin and dry fast. I love how sweet and girly this turns out!


Here is a bottle shot of Santa Baby
DSC00335 (1)

Santa Baby can be purchased at Mei Mei Signatures or Lush Lacquer Etsy

Xoxo G


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