First post: Introduction & Zoo nails!

We’re SO very excited to introduce this space. If you are reading this, chances are, you might be our family, friends, colleagues or even random surfers stumbling upon this blog. Nevertheless, THANK YOU for your visit.

Now, why do I keep referring to “we”?Β  (inserts short introduction here), this blog will be managed by 2 people, with fervent (haha) passion for nail polishes ( have no idea), nail art and all things related to beauty/cosmetics. This “idea” of a blog has been brewing in our minds for a long time, so be sure to expect many posts on nail art, tutorials, swatches etc etc.

Okay, I said it was a short introduction, here goes my first post.

This nail art idea is from AdventuresinAcetone, we couldn’t resist how cute it was!

(from L to R: Elephant, Monkey, Giraffe, Panda and Lion)

I know for sure, I’m gonna have the most colourful nails at work tomorrow.
Laters, my nail soldiers!


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